Ramsbury Distillery

“From ‘plough to pint’, the impact is big on taste and small on the environment. This is very much a running theme for the spirits as well.”

Wiltshire really is a wonderful part of the world, but after visiting the Ramsbury Estate, it’s just gone up even further in my books!

Myself and gin pal Andrew aka The Gin Den visited Ramsbury Estate at the start of the year. We were greeted by the lovely Will, who showed us around the Estate one Saturday afternoon.


First we had a wander around the brewery, which was founded back in 2004. I’m really not a beer drinker, but the flavours were excellent. These guys started out as farmers, so they’ve used their own barley harvested from the Estate to produce the best beer. From ‘plough to pint’, the impact is big on taste and small on the environment.

This is very much a running theme for the spirits as well. Firstly, vodka. Again, I don’t really drink vodka – perhaps in a cocktail at best, but WOW. If you closed your eyes, it’s almost like drinking a creamy liqueur, with chocolatey and caramel layers. The alcohol is very present but it’s so smooth and rich. Served over ice, it’s beautiful, delicate and distinctive.

Gin and Vodka Tastings

Now for the gin… they use their own base spirit (the wheat vodka), which we knew was going to provide excellent foundations. They then add juniper, fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, orris root, dried lemon and orange peel and angelica. These robust botanicals, alongside their base spirit and own fresh water supply produce an excellent smooth London Dry which is very refreshing, bold and a little sweet from their Estate grown quince.

The Distillery

Notes: floral and sweet notes pair beautifully with savoury juniper, followed by a hint of spice to finish. This is perfectly paired with a premium tonic water and slice of green apple.

The best part? For me, it is Ramsburys’ very nature. That they think about everything they do. Everything they have achieved so far has developed organically and is made using produce from the Ramsbury Estate. Even the beautiful bespoke table (see below) in the bar area is made from a fallen tree on the Estate.

Thank you so much for having us. See my Instagram posts for Gin and vodka serves.

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