Zeiver Gin [pure]

Fresh onto the gin scene this year is Zeiver Gin, an English spirit at a feisty 47% ABV. Zeiver (the name of which derives from Zuiver which means pure in Dutch) contains a total of 9 rather daring and distinctive botanicals, including juniper, pistachio, apple, lime, cherry, peach, macadamia nuts, aloe vera and grapefruit. The base spirit is made from polished rice, sourced from Niigata Prefecture in Japan, which creates a smooth texture. The water added is filtered through reverse osmosis, which is three times purer than Evian water!

The concept behind Zeiver is careful craftsmanship (developed between James Bilson, Clayton Patterson and Dr John Walters, an Oxford PhD biochemist), entirely unique in flavour and “pure, straightforward and sincere”. Hence their perfect serve suggestions are the classic G&T and the straight up spirit-forward martini. Some things really are Black and White.


So, what’s it like? Well, I popped the glass stopper off and instantly on the nose I smelling juniper, citrus and sweet fruit. The liquid coats my tasting glass and I’m very intrigued. On the palate, bursting citrus, apple and cherry are at the fore, which leads into a long complex evolving finish of gentle creamy nutty notes and bitterness (I believe is the aloe vera), creating a well balanced mixture of flavours. Zeiver is very mouth filling, dry to off-dry and with powerful yet delicate intensity. The 47% lacks harshness and avoids the dreaded ‘burn’ on the throat.

My go-to is a G&T, so I went for a double measure of Zeiver, 200ml of premium tonic water (London Essence Indian tonic water) and a chunky slice of grapefruit. A very robust and flavoursome serve, I’m still tasting the citrus, nutty notes and aloe vera. It’s extremely clever to layer each botanical, nothing is lost, confused or overpowering.

Zingy Zeiver

The martini is never my choice of cocktail, however with Zeiver, never say never, as the spirit was so easily consumed neat in my tasting glass.

Zeiver is versatile, so I’ve tried out my own cocktail. I’ve chosen to compliment the fruit, citrus and nuts by adding 30ml cherry syrup and 20ml lime juice, egg whites, as well a double of Zeiver, topped with crushed pistachio. It’s the ultimate zingy Gin Sour with a sweet nutty twist. I call it the Zingy Zeiver and it ticks all the boxes for me.

Whether it’s with tonic or in a cocktail, Zeiver holds it’s own. The monochrome bottle is will stand out from our spirits at a bar and the glass stopper is an elegant touch. Great attention to detail and daring botanical choices brings an entirely unique and impressive gin.

Where can you buy it? Zeiver is exclusively available at: https://www.theginstall.co.uk/product/zeiver-gin/

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