Sweet Hibiscus Gin with added CBD. Yes, CBD!

At first the classic botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, cassia, nutmeg, orris, liquorice and hibiscus makes MUHU appear like a London Dry gin with sweet notes of hibiscus. However, MUHU goes one step further by adding CBD. If you’ve ever tried CBD oil you’ll know that it has quite a distinctive and even overpowering flavours. Don’t panic, the CBD in Muhu is completely flavourless and colourless, so you’ll be tasting those beautiful robust botanicals and sweet hibiscus the whole way through.

How did it all start?
MUHU Gin was created Sally Wynter, who, after buying her first bottle of gin, suddenly realised just how good gin is! Sally then travelled around Southeast Asia and found that there were lots of sugary drinks that she wasn’t enjoying. Whilst staying in a hut called ‘MUHU’ she started to experiment. She sourced some plain alcohol and infused one with hibiscus and the other mangoes. She then set out to make a gin that contained exotic flavours, without sugar, artificial colourings and sweeteners.

Lets face it, CBD is in just about everything nowadays, even dog treats! Since the initial stigma has faded away, it’s become quite the in-thing. CBD is one of the 119 different cannabinoids contained within weed and cannot make you high or intoxicated in anyway. It is said to reduce pain, anxiety and depression and many people believe they are seeing these benefits, plus many more.

Studies suggest that CBD affects 5-HT1A receptors which control the levels of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which plays a key role in maintaining mood balance. CBD also stimulates Endocannabinoid receptors which affect our stress and energy levels. Therefore, Sally decided to infuse quality, full-spectrum CBD extract from Colarado grown hemp into her gin to make the drinker feel more relaxed and less anxious in a social environment, enabling them to engage with more confidence. 

My tasting notes.
Nose: fresh flowers, bright citrus and juniper.
Palate: Sweet declines hibiscus, zingy orange and lemon peel with undertones of juniper and coriander.
Finish: Long and complex with a lasting sweetness of hibiscus. Incredibly smooth, very well balanced. Full creamy mouth fill. Added tonic brings amplified floral tones as the gin opens up beautifully.

The gin and tonic.
I tried a classic Fever-Tree Mediterranean serve at first. This is usually my go-to tonic on a first serve. Extremely refreshing, light and the tonic took a backseat for the botanicals of MUHU to come through. Next I thought I’d mix things up and try a hibiscus tonic water. As you can see in the image below, I chose the Lamb and Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water. It’s a premium tonic water with organic agave and spring water from the Lake District. Its floral in taste, quite sweet with a little tartness. It works very well with dry or herb infused gins. I absolutely adored this serve with a few slice of strawberry and dry hibiscus to garnish. Can you tell I love hibiscus?

The MUHU mule.
This one is a recommendation my Muhu. Its 50ml gin, 15ml lime juice, 1tsp cherry jam (I didn’t have any jam so I use 2tsp of cherry syrup, ginger beer to top up and garnished with lime slice and strawberries. Refreshing, sour with a fiery kick. Perfect for those summer evenings by an outdoor fire.

The Magenta MUHU.
Lastly, a cocktail of my own. I’ve named it the Magenta MUHU because the hibiscus flower is purple-reddish in colour just like Magenta. It’s 50ml gin, 30ml homemade hibiscus syrup (water, sugar and hibiscus), 1tps of honey, 1 drop of lemongrass extract or alternatively use 20ml lemon juice and egg whites or foamer (I used Better Bitters Foamer). Hard shake (ice), dry shake (no ice). Garnish with dried hibiscus and edible flowers. A lovely sweet honey and herbaceous take on a classic citrusy Gin Sour. Made for sipping in the sunshine.

So, my overall thoughts… an incredibly smooth, vibrant and versatile gin. I must admit that most gins make me feel relaxed, or alcohol for that matter, however I do believe that CBD has many benefits which society has been exploring in recent times and the market certainly continues to grow. But with just a handful of CBD gins on offer, MUHU stands out from the crowd. MUHU Gin can be purchased here:

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