“Old Tom is dead, then I must be queen” said the Cait Sith. This beautiful old Tom style gin is the latest edition to Wild Thyme Spirits. Pronounced Caught Shee, Cait Sith takes inspiration from Celtic folklore and the natural surroundings of Colonsay.

So what is Cait Sith? It’s a legendary spectral cat that romances the Scottish Highland and Islands, which bought with it either a blessing or a curse.

Like any classic Old Tom, it is sweeter than a London Dry. The taste compromises citrusy notes of pink grapefruit and orange with sweetness of vanilla. Here I’ve served as recommended with a premium tonic water and a slice of pink grapefruit. Plus a sprig of fresh thyme from the garden as a little nod to Wild Thyme Spirits. It’s incredibly smooth, light, sweet and zingy. A wonderful serve for these summery evenings.

If you don’t already know about Wild Thyme Spirits, check out their website at: and instagram page @colonsaygin for details on their other products. Congratulations on the launch guys. The bottle is currently available as a 50cl, 10cl and 5cl.

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