Kick starting my first gin post with the colourful, feminine and fruity Pinkster Gin!

This famous pink gin began its journey in 2013. Created by Stephen Marsh from North Hertfordshire, Pinkster contains just five botanicals. The only three which are publicly know are: juniper, black peppercorn and of course raspberries, which creates the beautiful pink hue.

Distillery? G&J Greenals Distillery, Ginmesiter, United Kingdom.

What do I think? Whilst fruity and sweet, this gin is well balanced with spicy notes from the black peppercorn. It looks amazing and will be my go-to drink this summer. Its best served with a good quality tonic, ice and garnished with a sprig of mint and handful of raspberries. The jam also has a strong fruity and sweet taste with a bold gin aftertaste.

What else? The ‘Royale Liqeur’ can be added to pimp up your Prosecco. Their ‘Boozy Berries’ are a great way to garnish any gin or cocktail. The ‘Gin Jam’ can be mixed into any drink for a tasty twist.